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May 27
St. Augustine of Canterbury

St. Augustine was the abbot of a monastery in Rome.  He was chosen by Pope St. Gregory the great to lead a congregation of 40 monks to England and preach the Gospel there in order to convert the English.

The group started out toward England but when they reached southern France they were told that the English were ferocious. The monks were afraid and asked St. Augustine to please return to Rome and ask the pope to change his mind.  They all went back but Pope St. Gregory told them to go to England.  He felt as if the English were waiting to be converted and that this mission was their calling and purpose.

When they did finally arrive in England they were received wholeheartedly by King Ethelbert.  He listened to their message and was baptized. Many of the English were converted.

St. Augustine sought the pope’s advice frequently.  The pope was encouraging and he was thankful for St. Augustine’s success.  He cautioned him to be joyful but never proud.
St. Augustine built the most important church in England at Canterbury.  This is the place of his burial. He died in 605, seven years after his arrival in England.