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May 28
Blessed Margaret Pole

Blessed Margaret Pole was born in 1471.  She had two uncles who had been kings of England, Edward IV and Richard III.  The king at the time, Henry VII, liked young Margaret and arranged a marriage for her to Sir Reginald Pole, a friend of the royal family. Blessed Margaret and Sir Reginald had five children.

By the time Henry VIII ascended the throne, Blessed Margaret was a widow.  King Henry VIII also liked Margaret and thought her the holiest woman in England.  He even elevated her to countess and made her nanny to his daughter Mary whose mother was the first wife of King Henry VIII, Catherine of Aragon.

Soon afterwards, King Henry VIII tried to marry Anne Boelyn which was against the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Margaret strongly disapproved of the king's behavior as did her son, a priest who wrote to the pope condemning the king's actions.  (This son later became Cardinal Reginald Pole.)

King Henry VIII became very angry with Margaret and her family and he forced her to leave his employ. Furthermore, he had her questioned by his men in an attempt to find something with which to condemn her.  Though the inquisitors found nothing incriminating, the king arrested her anyway and placed her under house arrest in the castle of a noble.

Blessed Margaret was eventually moved to the Tower of London where she suffered terribly in the cold harsh winter of London in a lonely unheated cell.  On May 28, 1541, she was executed by beheading.  She was 70 years old.