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May 29
St. Maximinius

Maximinius lived in the fourth century and it is believed he was born in France.  He traveled to Gaul to become a disciple of a holy Bishop in Trier, St. Agritius.  He found the bishop who took him under his wing and gave him a good education.  Maximinius was ordained and eventually became Bishop of the archdiocese of Trier.

St. Maximinius lived in eventful times.  He was the refuge of two saints that came to him in exile. One was St. Athanasius of Alexandria, Egypt; the other was St. Paul, bishop of Constantinople. St. Maximinius did all he could to encourage them and keep them safe during their time away from their people.  

It was said that St. Maximinius was a great man and holy man who was known to have worked miracles.  He died around 347.