The Children's Liturgy of the Word is a separate but nearby assembly of children who gather to hear God's beloved scripture proclaimed in a way that they will understand it. 

These sessions are not meant to be catechetical in nature nor activities-driven. Rather, the kids are placed in an environment where they are truly engaged as listeners of The Word. 

The Children's Word strives to stay as close as possible to the text in the readings that are proclaimed in the general assembly though difficult passages or inappropriate words may be omitted or altered.

The ultimate goal is to prepare the children, over time, to become full, active and conscious participants in the regular Sunday Liturgy. 

The frequency of the Children's Liturgy of the Word varies throughout the year and by parish. The children almost always remain in the general assembly for special liturgical celebrations like Christmas, Palm Sunday and Easter so we can all worship together; it is most endearing to be surrounded by children as we praise and give glory to God! But make no mistake. No matter how active and rambunctious our little ones may be in the pews, they have keen ears and miss very little. Therefore, proclaim with heart and you will surely reach them. 

Children are not shy about telling lectors they do not know what good readers they are! Even when they hear complicated passages such as Hebrews. Do not underestimate the kids' abilities to listen, absorb and interpret and do not underestimate your own ability to engage and influence them. But do not alter your style for them! Just be yourself, proclaim well and they will be drawn to His Word through you.

Children also love to imitate adults. One little boy upon finding a Bible in his Easter basket, opened it to page one and began to proclaim Genesis out loud from his heart, just like the lector at the Easter Vigil!

Please visit our blog for more information about Children's Liturgy of the Word. It is updated regularly and provides useful information to help kids prepare for upcoming Liturgies.


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