"I believe that a lector, if she or he is doing the job correctly, is embodying the Scripture. The great lector proclaims the Word verbally and non-verbally in such a way that the receivers of the Word understand the Scripture better than if they pick up the Bible and read it themselves. I believe that Denise trains lectors to proclaim the Scripture in such a way.

The homilist, if he is doing his job well, uses the images of the Scripture and wraps them in the images of the day-to-day lives. His job is to engage the imagination. However, he works from a handicap unless the lector has done his or her job properly. Good lector training is an insurance policy on a job well done."
Father Dan Mayall
Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago, Illinois

"I have been blessed to hear Denise Thompson proclaim His Word. I was pastor in a parish where Denise moved into as a new parishioner not knowing anyone. Shortly, she became a Lector at Liturgy and people started asking: `Who is that new lector? She does a fantastic job. She makes the Scriptures come alive."

Within the next couple of years Denise raised the bar for all the lectors in the parish because they experienced the difference of the Living Word in their own lives. Denise trained, coached and prayed with people interested in proclaiming His Word. Her ministry has been a profound blessing for many lives."
Father Tony Nugent
St. Joseph Catholic Church
Bradley, Illinois

"The vocation to be a lector is a great privilege because we are proclaiming not just any message; we are proclaiming the Word of God! It is equally a great privilege that at Saint Mary Immaculate, we have many gifted lectors that proclaim the Word of God prayerfully, giving the Word of God the honor that it deserves. Many times, I experience that the Word of God really comes alive during the proclamation, and it also inspires me in my ministry as a priest. I want to thank all the lectors at Saint Mary Immaculate for the gift that you bring to our community. And I want to thank Denise for her leadership and support to the Ministry of the Word!"
Father Sunny Castillo
Associate Pastor
Saint Mary Immaculate
Plainfield, Illinois

"Dear Denise, I am always comforted by the fact that you are there for all of us providing support and most importantly the gift of yourself. It is a big job (lector co-chair) & not easy but your spirituality & calm manner not to mention your gifted ability to reach people through your proclaiming of the Word make me grateful to know you all these years."
Ralph Metz
Lector, Parishioner
Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago, Illinois

"Dear Denise, The lector training workshop hit all the right notes - theologically sound yet eminently practical, inspiration combined with hands-on application. We will plan to see you next year if not before."
Deacon Terry Collins,
St. James on Wabash, Chicago, IL

"Hello Denise, I just have to tell you once again how much I enjoyed your presentation today at Christ the King parish. Not only was it enjoyable, but I found it very spiritually rewarding. What could be better than that? In my days in the business world prior to retirement, I attended a number of workshops but this was by far the best presentation I have ever participated in. I think one of the most inspiring aspects of the entire program was how you came across as the consummate instructor who truly loves and enjoys what she is doing. You had the attention and control of the group at all times, which speaking from experience, is not always an easy task. I am sure the Holy Spirit works through you as you educate others in the proper administering of their role as the proclaimer of His Word. THANKS so much and may God bless you and your work."
Bill Ryan, Lector,
Christ the King, Lombard, IL

"Denise is one of the best lectors I know. Her enthusiasm for and love of the Word of God shows through every time she proclaims and as she mentors others to be the best proclaimers they can be."
Kathy McCabe
Lector Co-chair, Parishioner
Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago, Illinois

"Not only is Denise one of the most eloquent and articulate readers you will ever hear, she is a phenomenal teacher! Her approach to training ensures each individual finds his or her own voice in proclaiming the Word, and that each voice acts as an instrument in making the Word come alive for the listeners."
Matt Younkle
Lector, Parishioner
Holy Name Cathedral

As Director of Lectors at Holy Name Cathedral, Denise prepared me to serve as a lector in Spring 2006. It was a joy to learn from her. She generously shares her experience and knowledge, and selflessly invests her time in others. She is encouraging, positive and enthusiastic. Most of all, she has a great love for God and His Word that is obvious, and which is a joy to witness and experience."
Lector Trainee, Class of 2006
Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago, Illinois


"I like the way Denise highlights the concept of "proclaimers" over the more generic "readers" in that she emphasizes the giving of the message from the heart. All of our priests and lay staff at Holy Name Cathedral appreciate her generosity in serving the Ministry of the Liturgy."
Father Eugene Durkin, Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago

"I cannot more strongly urge you and your parish ministers to consider adopting her Lector Training & Development Program. I myself have witnessed her many successful trainees doing great things for God and people in my parish."
Deacon Mike McCloskey, M. Div., Ph.D.
Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago, Illinois



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